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Article: When to Use Seasoning Rubs?

When to Use Seasoning Rubs?

When to Use Seasoning Rubs?

Enhance your food flavor, color, and palatability with our best rubs. You can you Blue Mermaid Gourmet seasoning rubs into chicken, lamb, and beef to tenderize the meat and improve flavor. 

Best seasoning creates deep flavors and marries together different ingredients to create balanced, flavorsome food. Our gourmet spices are made with the perfect amount of salt, chilies, and fragrant herbs, and our spice rubs improve flavor profiles. The best seasoning for steak is used to add flavor and surface texture to steak. They form a crusty layer that locks in juices and are typically applied more liberally than seasonings. Cooking with rubs is almost always done with dry heat like baking, grilling, or roasting, where almost no water is used in the cooking. You can apply to meat before the cooking process and are most familiar with grilling.

When to Use Seasoning Rubs? 

Seasoning rubs can be used at the beginning to allow the flavors to develop throughout cooking or at the end of a recipe to adjust the taste subtly. If you are working with meat or fish, you can season directly before cooking. If you are cooking a sauce, you can add it at the end.

How to Use Blue Mermaid Rub Spice?

If you are cooking a lot of meat, the best way to use it is to pour a large amount of it directly into the meat and rub it lightly to spread it out. Take the meat and fold it and repeat it until all sides are evenly bound. The minor cuts just sprinkle evenly.

Apply the mixture to the meat or vegetables and apply by hand before applying. If you are working with a chicken, be sure to put the rub under the skin and really kick it. For best results with red meat, allow the rub for several hours or overnight before cooking to taste better. When you are ready to cook, create two hot spots on the grill. Dry rubs can burn, so be sure to keep an eye on the food.

Why should You Use Our Blue Mermaid Seasoning Rubs?

Our bbq seasoning heightens the flavor of the food that already exists within a dish. It can make a steak taste like a better steak or enhance a bowl of macaroni and cheese. One other utility of spice is to add something new to a dish. Adding a new aroma is a way to call attention to one part of a food’s flavor profile.

High-Quality Gourmet Seasonings for You

There are a wide variety of best bbq rubs for sale available to spice up your dishes. Our meat seasoning provides mouthwatering flavor when used in an array of dishes.  

If you love outdoor grilling, we have some charming dry spice rubs for your chicken, burgers, steaks, ribs, and seafood. 

A great way to add lots of flavor to your meals simply rubs into meat or veggies before roasting, grilling, or barbecuing, or sprinkle into sauces and soups or the dish of your choice. Mix with olive oil and use as a paste or marinade; the possibilities are endless!

Spicy Seafood Seasoning Rub is the perfect mix with some secret ingredients that add punch and pizazz so you can amp up that BBQ flavor, no matter what you’re cooking. Garlic Chipotle Seasoning Rub with Chipotle Peppers is fantastic on its own, and you don’t even need sauce!

You will fall in love with all of our gourmet steak seasonings. Shop with us today to make all of your meals taste better! Find us on Social Channels for Latest Deals i.e. FacebookInstagramTwitter, etc.

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